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" " is a Transparent hint!

A transparent hint!

If a girl can't choose the right wardrobe, for example, for a transparent skirt or blouse, then it will be a complete fiasco.

A transparent skirt or trousers can be safely worn by those girls who have confidence that their hips and legs have very beautiful curves and shapes. This is the key point.

The most risky ladies can choose a completely transparent dress. But here you need to be sure not only in the hips and legs, do not forget that the waist and the neckline open up to the eye. Therefore, not all ladies can afford such a bold decision, but only the owners of a chiseled figure.

Under such a dress, it is equally important to choose a top and leggings to match the color of the dress.

Of course, office workers will not be able to afford such a wardrobe. But if you put on a transparent blouse a sundress made of thick fabric, or a jacket, then all the norms of dress code and decency will be observed in this case.

Many owners of full figures often refuse transparent things. But not only clothes can be transparent. Clothes can also be supplemented with accessories made of transparent fabrics. For example: a scarf or shoes.

It is worth noting that a bra dressed under transparent clothes immediately loses its category of underwear and boldly passes into the category of clothing. So if you have a very beautiful bra and do not know how to demonstrate it, a transparent blouse will help you in this matter.

Of course, age also matters to afford such clothes. If we see such a well-chosen wardrobe on a young girl, then we can take it for an innocent flirtation expressed through clothes. But ladies of more advanced age should be very careful with such a bold wardrobe.

In the end, I would like to add that everything depends on the person himself. There are people who, wearing a bag of potatoes, will look vulgar, and there are those who will open their charms not for everyone to see, but it will all look innocent.

And the most important thing is not to forget: "Clothes should not reveal much, some parts should leave a mystery"