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    Naked on the street

    Naked girls on the street, this is the so-called Exhibitionism, when people naturally undress on the street and they really like it. But there are varieties of Exhibitionism, this is when they fictitiously undress on the street and it is considered hooliganism and when people do it casually, this is already a disease. But if you look at it from the other side, it's very beautiful, imagine you are eating in a car, and a naked girl is walking along the sidewalk without any clothes at all. There are more and more exhibitionists in the world, and the authorities have not yet figured out how to deal with this. In Russia, Exhibitionism is not yet as popular as in Western countries, where it is already equated with ordinary nudism. They are often called ordinary nudists there. And nudists are beautiful, I would even say very sexy and charming. When girls undress in public, we look at it as something out of the ordinary, in Europe and North America we have long been used to all this and we are most likely also threatened by a new wave of naked people on the street. Let's wait and see how the great Bender spoke, the meeting continues dear nudists...

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