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" " What is the beauty of Art erotica?

What is the beauty of Art eroticism?

Art erotica does not aim to show as many areas of the naked body as possible. This kind of art is aimed at telling the story of a person, without hiding his secrets behind several layers of clothing. A lot of art photos impress with their originality, unusual and beauty, so to become a professional in this genre, you need more than just to be able to photograph, you also need to have imagination, interesting ideas and the ability to find an approach to the model and then create a suitable image.

A little bit from the history of art eroticism

Since when has the naked body become something shameful? Since the earliest times, when ancient people were just discovering art, they carved figures out of wood, trying to carefully outline the female forms. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans depicted the gods naked, considering them to be standards of beauty, ideal people. Renaissance art brought the human body to the fore as one of the main miracles created by God. The greatest artists painted naked women, and now their works are recognized as immortal. A separate leap in the genre of art eroticism came in the 19th century, when photography attracted special attention.

Art-erotica in the photo

There are a lot of photos depicting naked women, but only a few are art. A professional photographer creates a composition, and not just photographs a woman without clothes. Beautiful art erotica is obtained only when an individual approach is found to the model, and the picture itself has its own history and idea. Such photos make you not just want a woman, but admire the curves of the body, grace and elegance. The play of shadows in the picture means a lot. Now black-and-white Art photos are especially popular. They help to focus attention on female outlines, attract to themselves and at the same time are mysterious, as if they hide a certain secret, over which the connoisseur of such photos will have to guess for a long time. Very interesting are black-and-white photos in motion, when a girl is captured dancing or jumping. Moreover, such photos are practiced not only with representatives of the weaker sex, but also with the stronger, who are no less attractive to the public.