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" " Naked traveler Magdalena Vozinska

Naked traveler Magdalena Vozinska

Magdalena Wozinska, an American photographer of Polish origin, has been shooting friends, traveling and naked herself since she was a teenager.

At the age of 14, I was skateboarding and somehow, of course, I started shooting skateboarders. And a lot of self-portraits and nudity. Human nudity is timeless, after all. It does not show any social class, religion, time or style.

Not much has changed since then. Since it all started with self-portraits, my friends, the people around me and where I live and where I travel are still part of my photos. I shoot people around me to capture their original human emotions. The whole history of a person can be literally read in the expression of his face. And the people who drive me, and new places stimulate me to work and inspire me. Curiosity is the best source of inspiration.

I worked on the first book for five years. This is a documentation of nude self-portraits in the most beautiful landscapes in the world in my opinion.

The federation "Telord", created in 1995, united Russian nudists. More and more nudist beaches are opening up, there are services for travelers who want to stay naked as much as possible.