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Dinner-an erotic story

Dinner-an erotic story

Raising her head and shaking her hands, Marina walked briskly under the high crowns of the trees to meet her beloved, and she looked as if she did not want this.

- Honey, here I am, - Marina slowly approached Andrey.
- Hello, sunshine. And I was already beginning to think that you had forgotten about our meeting, " he said in a joyful voice.
- No, I haven't forgotten. My mother detained me, she taught me everything with her moralizing.
- For today, according to the plan of the cafe. How do you see it? Andrey asked cautiously.
"Great, I'm just hungry," there was a subtle hint in her voice.

Перекусив и выпив бокал вина, Марина решила выйти на свежий воздух. Простояв на улице десять минут, она вдруг почувствовала у себя на талии мужские руки. Мужской голос прошептал ей на ухо: "Приходи в уборную через 10 минут". Марина поняла по голосу, что это Андрей, но никак не ожидала такого поворота событий. Она резко развернулась и оказалась у него в объятиях.

At the same moment, Andrey bit into her lips with a passionate kiss. After the kiss, Andrey returned back to the cafe, and Marina stood there, not knowing what to do next. Going back in, Marina saw that there was no one at their table, and went to the bathroom. Here is the right door. She opened it a little and saw Andrey standing there by the washbasin. He stood quietly and put beauty on his head.

"Come on in, don't be shy," Andrey said, noticing Marina.
"I'm not shy enough to be shy," she replied cheerfully.

Andrey went up to his beloved and gently kissed her on the lips, then on the neck, at the same time unbuttoning the buttons on his trousers. His kisses began to penetrate through the girl's cleavage. Marina sighed languidly and slightly tilted her head back.

"I want you," Marina said, breathing heavily.

Having laid his raincoat on the floor, Andrey silently, breathing heavily, put her on all fours and entered her excited body, feeling a wave of extraordinary bliss cover her. He took his time, forcing his beloved to plunge into the ocean of pleasure. Gradually, Andrey increased the volume, trying to bring his beloved to ecstasy as soon as possible in order to feel it together. And after a short period of time, a wave of amazing sensation covered them, their eyes darkened with pleasure. Marina rolled over on her side, and he lay down next to her.

"Thank you, my love," Marina said, breathing heavily.
- For what?
"For the pleasure you've given me."

After putting themselves in order, Marina and Andrey went to their table, where they continued their romantic dinner.