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Week of happiness - erotic story

Week of happiness - erotic story

- "Море... солнце... желтый песок..." - представляла Кристина, лежа на диване в своей комнате. Ей хотелось куда-то уехать, сбежать от забот и проблем. Неприятности на работе, да еще и проблемы с родителями, выбивали девушку из колеи. Со своим парнем Кристина рассталась 2 месяца назад, а значит, сейчас ее никто не держит. За свои 25 лет девушка повстречала много парней, искала одного единственного, и не раз оказывалась в чьих-то мужских объятьях.

Встав с дивана и одевшись, девушка вышла на улицу. Солнечный свет прямыми лучами ударил ей в глаза. Спустив на глаза очки, Кристина пошла в туристическое агентство. Пройдя два квартала, она увидела вывеску туристическое агентство "В добрый путь". Вздохнув возле входа, она подумала: "Все-таки надо развеяться", - и смело шагнула дальше. ПодниMayсь по ступенькам, она уже представляла, как будет лежать на пляже, пить коктейли. В кабинете сидела молодая девушка, лет 25-ти, опрятно одетая, волосы ее разлетались от вентилятора.

- Hello, I would like to relax somewhere, - Christina said in a loud voice, sitting down on a chair with a bang.

The girl looked at Christina with her eyes, muttered something and said.

- What do you prefer? Turkey, Cyprus, or something else?

Kristina thought about it. She took her purse out of her purse and said:

- Apply to Turkey for a week.

She obediently began tapping her fingers on the keyboard, knocking out a ticket.

- Will it suit you tomorrow at 18:00?

- Of course! the girl muttered.

When she got home, she began to pack her things. Suddenly, someone quietly opened the door, the floor creaked and my mother's voice was heard: "And where are you going?"

"I need to recover a little, I want to take a little break from work," she said.

Her mother knew that it was useless to argue with her daughter. The next day, her father and her mother took Kristina to the airport, kissed, put their daughter on the plane and went home with a calm soul.

Sitting on the plane, Kristina was a little worried. My palms were sweating when the plane lifted off the ground.

"That's it," she thought, taking a player with headphones out of her purse.

Leaning her chair back a little, and putting the headphones in her ears, Kristina enjoyed the flight. The plane arrived quite quickly, Kristina didn't even have time to doze off. Even on the plane, she noticed the look of a young man who literally undressed her with his eyes. Although there was almost nothing to undress, Kristina was dressed in short shorts and a top.

After getting off the plane, the girl smiled at the guy, her eyes seemed to say: "Come with me!" There were a lot of people at the airport. She was walking at random, looking for a taxi. And now she sees a free car with a checker on the roof. After flirting with the driver, she said: "Take me to a good hotel, please!" The driver obeyed the girl and pressed the gas. Pedestrians, trees and beautiful buildings flew past the windows. Then the car pulled up to a posh hotel.

"This is the best one," the driver said.

Kristina looked around the building, paid the driver and boldly stepped inside. The sound of heels broke the entire silence. At the hotel, she was escorted to a chic suite. Christina immediately fell on the big bed, her smile lit up the room. After taking a shower and putting on a swimsuit, she left the room and immediately ran into the guy she had looked at on the plane.

- "What luck" - she thought, looking into the eyes of this cute boy. The guy was embarrassed, but still said: "My number is next to yours, come in if you're bored."

Kristina's cheeks got a pretty blush, she smiled sweetly, and went on.

Passing by beautiful shops and buildings, Kristina remembered the look that pierced her heart, the smile that she will not forget. Kristina wandered around the streets a little more and returned to the room.

Standing on the balcony, she heard a knock on the door. Surprised, she went to open it and to her surprise, he was standing on the threshold - her dream.

- Can I? "What is it?" he asked with a slight smile.
"Of course, come in," she continued. - I don't know anyone here, but at least we'll get to know you!
- My name is Alexey, and you?
- And I'm Kristina, - the girl answered immediately.
- Well, let's get acquainted, - the guy said, spreading his hands to the sides.
- Are you staying here for a long time? "What is it?" he asked, opening a bottle of expensive wine.
"For a week," she answered timidly, noticing his gaze on her chest. After pouring two glasses the guy said: "For the acquaintance!" Kristina drank the wine and felt something hot flow in her chest. All evening they sat in her room, chatting and laughing. She looked into his eyes and realized that this was the man she had always dreamed of. The one that came to her in her dreams.

After finishing the second bottle of wine, she felt his hand on her knee. And as if not noticing her, she continued the conversation. The hand rose higher and higher, stroking her tender legs. Kristina's breathing quickened, she began to get a little excited.

"The wine went to my head," she laughed, sitting closer to Leshka. And as if by chance, she turned her head to him and their lips touched. They merged in a passionate kiss.

He began caressing her body, stomach, breasts. With his tongue, he wandered all over her body. She succumbed to his caresses. He slowly laid her down on the bed and began to kiss her neck, going lower and lower. Closing her eyes, the girl got great pleasure. He caressed her breasts, and Kristina's moans became more frequent.

Pulling off the guy's T-shirt, she wandered her hands over his back. Alexey felt the clasp of her swimsuit and released her already excited breasts.

"You're so hot," Christina said passionately.

As she pulled off his jeans, she felt the tension in them. Freed from unnecessary clothes, they began to caress each other, giving more and more pleasure. The girl was scratching his back, he was squeezing her chest. Excitement overwhelmed both of them, she could not wait any longer...

"Come on," she whispered, biting her lip.

But the guy was in no hurry, he liked to caress her tender body. But then, at one point, Christina felt him enter her. The movements became faster, and the breathing became more frequent. She writhed under the weight of his body, bit his lip, moaned with pleasure. The guy was just breathing heavily. He was even more excited by Christina's moans.

This went on for quite a long time. And suddenly everything stopped. They fell on the bed, Christina closed her eyes and could not say anything.

"I've never experienced anything like this," Leshka said in a barely audible voice.

The girl gently kissed him on the lips, put on a dressing gown and went to the bathroom.

From that moment, Kristina's rest turned upside down. They spent all the time together. Every day they locked themselves in her room and merged into one.

It was the happiest seven days of her life.

Arriving home, Kristina realized that her body began to want a man more and more often!