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» » is the Queen of the tits of our district-a story

The queen of the tits of our district-a story

The queen of the tits of our district-a story

Nastya has lived in our area for many years. They moved here as a family when she was only 10 or 11 years old. Since then, the girl was hated by all the local girls, and the guys fell in love. The thing is that Nastya's breasts began to grow much earlier than the others. It is clear that the guys started following her in formation, escorted her home from school and constantly fought for her attention. At what it concerned guys not only from our area.

Boys from the suburbs also came to see the eighth-grader with the fifth size. We also had to defend the honor of such an asset from them. Despite all the efforts, the girl did not allow any of the local guys to be with her. While everyone had already managed to kiss each other, Nastya remained as if aloof from these teenage problems.

Time passed, I grew up, got a family, just like all the guys and girls from the yard, all except Nastya. It is not clear why such a beauty remained to live in the city and did not marry anyone. She would like to go to the capital to shoot a movie, there she would definitely find some kind of daddy who would provide for her, but no. The girl got a job as a saleswoman in a local store, which attracted a lot of customers. The owner must pay her extra for this.

Once we were sitting in the evening with a school friend, drinking in the yard. A cool foreign car drove up to the entrance. It wasn't a local. Some Caucasian guy with glasses. He took the bouquet from the back seat and went to the next entrance. My friend Gosha spat after him and they forgot about it. After an hour, I went home and decided to have a smoke before going to bed. My wife was not at home, she was visiting her mother-in-law.

Standing on the balcony in the complete darkness of the summer night, I noticed that Nastya's night light was on in the apartment. Her windows were just opposite mine. As a child, I often watched her change clothes. Probably, I was the only one of all who managed to see her tits then. I took out my old binoculars and began to peer. That hach came to our beloved Anastasia. As soon as I adjusted the sharpness, I saw how my neighbor jerks off this guy's not small penis with her tits, periodically takes it in her mouth. It was hard to see, but it was enough for me to get excited.

Then they started fucking on her bed. A real trahodrom. The girl was so carried away that she neither closed the curtains nor closed the window. It was perfectly audible her moans and wheezes of this man. He sniffed and puffed so loudly that probably everyone heard, but Nastenka moaned even louder. Sometimes, she broke into a scream, especially when he pushed her from behind very quickly and deeply inserted his bolt into her. The couple took a short break and the girl remembered that it would be better to bury the window. She got out of bed completely naked and went to the open window. I got a good look at her body and figure. Nastya is just an ideal beauty, I have not seen such breasts in any movie. A real beauty, what can I say. After breathing a little, she slammed the window and pulled the curtain.

At that moment, I regretted that my wife was not there. I would have fucked her so much after what I saw that she would have remembered it for a long time. But no. We'll have to wait another three days before sex.

The next morning I was smoking again on the balcony and saw how my neighbor came out dressed in summer, and on her shoulders she had such a bag with which they go to the beach. There was a lake very close by, but it was so polluted that no one swam there.

Only some of the ladies went to sunbathe. I decided that Nastya had gone there. I dialed Gosha and invited her to have a little fun, namely to follow a titted girl to the beach. Along the way, I wanted to tell him that for all these years I saw that Nastya has a fiance.

We didn't find anyone already at the lake. There were several youngsters and some guys were frying shish kebab. In this heat – they are completely idiots, but not about this. Then Gosha suggested checking on the other side of the reservoir, behind the stones. Or at the factory wall. It's hard to get there, but it's the best place to retire. For some reason, we were both sure that Nastya had gone to the other side, into this thicket. We had no idea that she went to the store or to a friend.

Having made our way through the reeds, we tried to move as quietly as possible. Gosha served and constantly showed me some army signs, such as a fist up, a finger to the side, but I did not understand him. As a result, it was not on the rocks and behind them.

Only the wall remained. Looking a little through the bushes, we saw what we came here for. We couldn't even think that we would be so lucky. Nastenka was lying completely naked on a towel. A couple of stones covered the nipples and that was it. The girl was sunbathing under the summer sun completely naked. It was very beautiful. You can look at such a body forever. After that, she turned on her back, bent a little so that her pussy appeared to us. I immediately got a hard-on.

Gosha turned to me and asked who, if not us, when, if not now.

With these words, he came out of hiding and walked with a firm gait to Anastasia. I felt so ashamed at that moment. Gosha completely undressed on the way and already naked brazenly lay down next to Nastya.

- Oops, and you come here to sunbathe naked, hi.

The queen of the tits of our district-a story

Nastya was simply stunned by this turn. The girl was in a stupor and did not even begin to cover herself. She sat up and looked at Gosha with round eyes. They had known each other for almost 20 years, but they had not yet crossed paths in such a situation. After a little hesitation, I also threw everything off and went naked to them.

- Hi there.

- What are you guys doing? Which … have you been following me? Then her eyes widened even more. I completely forgot that I always have a standing on her body. That's how I came out of the bushes with a horseradish at the ready. – What is it? She pointed at my cock.

- Yes, we often sunbathe here with Gray. And the penis... well, it's worth it for you, don't think about it, we're not faggots. Look here, "He pointed to his farm," Here I have a hard-on for you. And what's wrong with that, you're a normal girl, and we're normal guys. Anyone can get up on you.

- So, what, can you offer me another fuck or will we sunbathe?

Something, and neither I nor Gosha could expect this.

- What are you thinking about? I'm a normal girl, why not have sex, just as a friend once and that's it. You came alone, or there's still a crowd of" sunbathers " sitting in the bushes.

"Don't worry, we're alone.

- Hey, Gauche. Sveta told me that you do kuni well. Show me your class.

Without further ado, she spread her legs to the sides and with a look invited my friend to lick her crack. He immediately got to work. The guy was slurping there with his tongue, licking her entire crotch. Nastya was moaning with pleasure, and I just stood and looked at it all.

- Well, what about you?

I came up and she started sucking me off. Gosha was kneading one tit, and I started on the second. My cock was in Nastya's mouth, she sucks very well, and her breasts feel even better than they look. They are elastic and soft at the same time. After the girl put us both on the ground and began to masturbate us with her tits in turn, while not forgetting to take it in her mouth. It was just great. How many times have I dreamed about this-a thousand times. Then she sat on Goshin's cock, and I stood next to her and gave it in her mouth.

Then we switched. Nastya jumped on my penis, her tits were shaking right in front of my face, I had no problems reaching them with my tongue and licking the nipples of this beauty. After that, she became cancer, and we flogged her from both sides. Her tits are so huge, they were shaking so much that they touched the ground. We didn't manage to have sex with such a gorgeous skin for a long time. Almost simultaneously, we finished on her breasts. Apparently, everyone ends up there for her. Nastya began to smear our sperm on them, licked her tits, they easily reached her mouth.

- This isn't our last meeting, is it? When will you guys come to sunbathe next time?

The queen of the tits of our district-a story
The queen of the tits of our district-a story

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