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" " Did not reach home - Photo of the day!

We didn't reach the house - Photo of the day!

We were walking along the avenue with you,
I read you a poem,
We talked about high culture,
They reasoned who created the earth.

I boasted to you that I was gallant,
That I'm courting like a Philanderer,
I bought roses from an old lady,
I kissed your tender hands.

And it remains for us to reach the house,
Somewhere about five hundred meters,
I couldn't stand it anymore I shouted Nataha,
Can you take it in my mouth?

And you immediately forget about Shakespeare,
About Tchaikovsky and about Dumas,
She tore her panties like a tigress,
She screamed, come inside me!

We are standing with you on the avenue,
You are cancer, and I am before you,
You're yelling at the whole street loudly,
Let's go deeper, my dear...

Cars passed nearby,
And they signaled us at the wrong time,
But we didn't notice them,
I sprayed cum on your ass.

  1. Nudik
    5 August 2016 00:38
    + +2 -
    Wow, that's a joke. And the poems are beautiful, thank you. And who is the author of the poems?
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    1. meganudist
      5 August 2016 00:39
      + +2 -
      Your humble servant... smile25
      Take off your underpants, they don't suit you...