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" " Tambov nudist Lera

Tambov nudist Lera

Hello my dear, my name is Lera and I am a nudist from Tambov. I really love wild beaches and sunbathing naked in nature. But unfortunately, there are very few public places in Tambov where you can undress in public and sunbathe without paying attention to anyone. Once, my friends and I gathered at the quarry, which is located in Laski, laid a blanket and took off only our bras, remaining topless. We immediately began to be molested by men and aunts passing by very viciously hissed in our direction, either they did not like it, or maybe it was just envious to look at our beautiful bodies. In general, we quickly got dressed and went to the Chelny reservoir, where we found a secluded place and had a good rest. In general, with nudism in Tambov, no one has to hide from prying eyes. I really want to meet nudists from Tambov, but unfortunately I don't know where to find them.

Especially for the Meganudist website.