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" " Photo of the day - I'll wrap your loaves!

Photo of the day - I'll wrap your loaves!

You spread your ass on the couch,
On the sides you are spreading your breasts,
You call me with a beckoning look,
I'm crawling towards you like a boa constrictor.

And what have you done to me,
How could you charm me,
As I look at you and there is no rest,
So I want to hug you soon.

Press your body against a fat ass,
I'll take you by the tits soon,
How I want you my dear,
You pour vodka before sex.

And I'll wrap up your loaves,
I'll take them by the ears to myself,
And you shout louder, we're at home,
I turned on the recordings of Alsou.

Yell, my dear, tear up the pillows,
Bite the sheet with your teeth,
I will tear you up like this,
Which one I love so much...

Author: Meganudist.

An appetizing girl sprawled on the couch
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