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" " Black and white charm-Photo of the day!

Black and white charm-Photo of the day!

I gave you a pair of underpants as a keepsake,
You put them on for me,
When I come to visit you,
Take them off slowly.

You turn your back to me,
And bare your wonderful croup,
Bend down a little on your toes,
So that I can see the beauty of your lips.

Your cap is like a peach,
She calls me to her,
I'll get my bolt out of my pants,
I'll stick it in you loving.

You will gently say to me my beloved,
How long have I been waiting for you,
You will bend before me beautifully,
You're my girl of the day!

  1. Nudik
    1 August 2016 22:55
    + +2 -
    Hmmm.... Nicely. Who is the author?
    I am looking for a nudist girl, for a joint holiday. Tambov. Write to the personal account.
    1. meganudist
      1 August 2016 22:55
      + +1 -
      My own essay, inspired... smile2
      Take off your underpants, they don't suit you...