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    " " Someone else's phone-photo of the day

    Someone else's phone-photo of the day

    Escape from work... The secretary's dacha...
    Cognac. Candies. Shower together.
    And further... Madness.... Madness...
    Then you return decorously to your house.
    A tired look. A familiar kiss. And a request to the cute:
    "Ужин наколдуй, Устал сегодня что-то как собака..."

    My wife is rushing around the kitchen with a saiga.
    Cutlets. Coffee. Buns. Blamange...
    The hot water bottle is already warming up in bed,
    The TV screen flickers in the mirrors.
    The wife purrs:
    "Я так тебя ждала... Я целый день хотела быть с тобой..."

    Suddenly, a text message to you.
    And you creep barefoot to the toilet to Read in silence "I love you.
    Do you remember about me? How nice it was with you today.
    What a delight love has given us.
    What a fantastic orgasm it was..."
    Should I send this? Well, isn't it senile?

    You quickly delete a line,
    Adjusting my pajamas as I gallop...
    We will have to be more careful in the future,
    And wipe other contacts....
    Even though it's spring outside the window and on the soul,
    But God forbid my wife gets wind of it...
    And my wife has a cold tone in the bedroom:
    "Зачем ты брал с собой мой телефон?" ))

    Expands the girl's ass