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    " " Photo of the day-Sanka and his instrument of love!

    Photo of the day-Sanka and his instrument of love!

    Sasha had a huge cock,
    And with him, the boy was completely exhausted.
    And only the boy went to bed,
    Elden, by order, began to get up.

    All Sasha's thoughts are about the beautiful Elvira,
    How he put her right in the toilet,
    Bent her cancer and drove his cock,
    But he's lying down hanging up to his knees.

    Where does all this block fit,
    Matyga fell through to the very eggs,
    Elvirka yelled at Sanka, " you're a scoundrel!
    I'll cut off the damn end for you.

    But then suddenly Elvirka changed completely,
    A sincere smile rolled across his face,
    She melted all over, licked her Elda,
    - You're my Sanka, I love you!

    Author: Meganudist.

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