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Nudist Marina and a curious neighbor-erotic story

Nudist Marina and a curious neighbor-erotic story

The unbearable heat was this summer, the air melted the tires of cars, the girls went almost naked, and everyone who could go to the pond necessarily did it. Marina was just one of those lucky people who had a dacha in a village not far from the city. There was also a river nearby.

No pretentious nightclubs and parties could compare at that time with cool water on an unsettled beach. People remembered this place only in such heat, and even then, not everyone knew that such a quiet backwater existed. Of course, except for the locals. Marina knew this place well and as a girl she often went here to sunbathe and swim so as not to get caught by the guys. She grew up a beautiful girl and Marina's breasts appeared at one of the first in the class. Naturally, the girl had no end of suitors. Only all this was not interesting at all. When she grew up, she often got out to this country house and went to her favorite place to sunbathe since childhood. It was quiet and nice, and most importantly-no one was staring at her tits, which, by the way, were a solid size four. At the same time, there was no excess fat either on the sides or on the ass of the beauty.

This summer was no exception. Immediately after finishing work on Friday, she went to the train station to quickly get to the dacha and get away from the city bustle, take a little swim and sunbathe. A couple of stops and she is already running to the cherished beach. The sun had not set yet and it was possible to sunbathe a little. But it was not there. A group of young people was walking in a favorite place. The evening, mono to say, is ruined. The girl, upset, wandered to her house and decided to sunbathe right in her garden. Nothing has been growing there for a long time, only a couple of lilac bushes, and even some flowers. The girl spread a towel on the ground and lay down. Her breasts were trying to jump out of her swimsuit, after looking around, she took off her bra and remained in only her panties. She was a little uneasy, she was afraid that someone might see her charms, and there was something to look at. A beautiful young body, large breasts and an expressive figure. The real beauty was lying on the ground. A little emboldened, Marina took off her panties, so that there would certainly be no traces left and the tan was even.

Under the evening sun, Marina dozed off, like this, completely naked, she slept under the setting sun. A noise woke her up. She got up and noticed a boy in the lilac bushes, who quickly disappeared. At first, the girl didn't like it, she was all alone in the distance from people, and then some guy was staring at her naked. From something, she is not at all ashamed to show her body, and even more so that she has something to show. After looking carefully around and lighting a cigarette, the girl decided to play, or rather make fun of the one who was spying on her. After all, there is no exit behind those bushes – there is a river and reeds, and she did not hear any noise of water, so the one who is peeping still has not gone anywhere,but just hid.

Marina turned her legs to the stranger, who, she was sure, saw her through the leaves,and spread her legs wide apart. Her clean-shaven pussy was looking straight at the guy. A little bent, our beauty began to masturbate. The sun had already set, Marina was having fun with her pussy. She was getting more and more pleasant and sweet orgasm was already close, but still out of the corner of her eye she watched the stranger. He already did not hide himself, his body became visible and the beauty noticed that the guy also satisfies himself. It got dark in her eyes, the orgasm broke the beauty's body, she bent a little, goosebumps ran along her thighs... the wave of pleasure subsided and as soon as she could see the bushes – there was no one there.

That weekend, Marina went out every evening to sunbathe in this place of her yard and masturbated, but she didn't see anyone in the bushes anymore.