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" " Photo of the day - I'm standing naked, stupid fool!

Photo of the day-I'm standing naked, stupid fool!

I'm standing naked, stupid fool,
And as it just occurred to me...
The breasts are turned up, there is a figure,
There is a neat fluff between the legs.

Yes, I know that I have fallen low,
Come, look, please!
No, I'm not an exhibitionist,
No, alas, I do not dance a striptease.

I want to show you only,
Without inventing reasons,
That I am a body with a thin soul
I'm waiting for someone who would tame me.

  1. Nudik
    14 August 2016 12:30
    + +1 -
    Ha, a watering can... s091
    I am looking for a nudist girl, for a joint holiday. Tambov. Write to the personal account.
  2. Surgeon
    14 August 2016 16:29
    + 0 -
    The verse is cool, who is the author?
    A girl but just chic!
    I'm a nudist and I don't hide it!