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" " Simon Brodziak - The best photographer of black and white eroticism

Simon Brodziak - The best photographer of black and white erotica

We present to your attention the black-and-white photographs of Simon Brodziak, the most consistent successor of the Helmut Newton case of our time, full of sensual passion and dynamic beauty.

Ukrainian activists from the Femen movement are known all over the world. Girls get naked in public places about and without. Ukrainian nudists (more precisely, nudists) have recently been lit up in the Vatican and at the French Embassy. They are not just walking around topless in European cities, there is a certain meaning behind these actions. Recently, Femen protested against violence against minors, which is allegedly condoned by the French authorities.

Simon Brodziak was born in 1979 in Poland. Having received an economic education, however, he chose photography as his life's work. He worked in various advertising agencies, shot for glossy magazines, published in Playboy and Italian Vogue, among others.

Photos of the amazing photographer Marisa Papen. She loves to shoot nude women and does it really beautifully and inimitably. She posts amazing pictures on her website. She has her own view on nudism and, in particular, Art eroticism. But the photos deserve special attention. Very beautiful and touching.