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" " The world has gone crazy with miniature panties

The world has gone crazy with miniature panties

Forget about the C-string worn by all the celebrities in tight dresses on the red carpet. The world is being conquered by Shibue Couture panties!

How far are you willing to go to get rid of visible panty lines? The underwear company has created what is probably the most minimalistic underwear of all time, panties that are held in place with a soft adhesive gel. Unlike regular thongs or underwear that stretches through the legs, Shibue Couture simply covers your intimate part from front to back.

Which ones to wear? Simply remove the protective liner, stick the panties on the skin from the front, pull it back and fix it in the coccyx area. The soft adhesive gel, as promised by the manufacturers, will securely hold the panties in place, and you will be able to dance in them all night long. Then the laundry can be washed with a soft soap and used again.