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" " Spencer Tunick never ceases to amaze the whole world

Spencer Tunick never ceases to amaze the whole world

The essence of Spencer Tunick's works can be briefly described in one phrase: a lot of naked people. Nudity is the basis of the New York photographer's installations. Since 1990, he has organized more than 70 mass nude photo shoots around the world. During this time, hundreds of thousands of people took part in the provocative filming. According to Tunik himself, " a crowd of naked people is able to transform into completely new forms."

In Spencer's group shots, differences in appearance and body structure are lost. It's not about the nudity itself, but about the message that the photographer broadcasts. He does not use mass nudes at all to show a naked person in unusual conditions. There are many goals: to pay attention to environmental problems, to look at contemporary art from a different angle. In 2009, the photographer even came to Moscow to arrange a professional photo shoot of the "face" of the Russian capital for the Photo Biennale.

Now the photographer is again recruiting enthusiasts who are ready to undress for another large-scale naked project. This time, the mass installation is designed to convey to the world community the photographer's personal attitude to what is happening in the US election race. The photo session will take place on July 17, on the eve of the Republican Party Congress. To date, the only Republican candidate is Donald Trump, to whom the Tunic does not hide his antipathy.

For the project, Spencer is looking for exactly 100 uninhibited young ladies of all ages and religions who are ready to undress in order to inform the whole world: The United States should be run by a woman. He dedicates the new shooting to his wife and daughters. He hopes that the effect that a hundred naked ladies will produce will somehow affect modern America. The photographer wants to live in a country where women and men have truly equal rights and opportunities.

Naked volunteers stand in front of the Sydney Opera House on one of the filming.

Naked volunteers on an escalator during a photo shoot by New York photographer Spencer Tunick called Be Consumed at the Selfridge Department Store in London, April 27, 2003.

Thousands of naked people at the Ernst-Happel Stadium pose for photographer Spencer Tunick during a mass photo shoot, May 11, 2008.

Several hundred volunteers covered their bodies with paint. Finishing touches before the start of shooting at the Max Joseph Square in Munich, June 23, 2012.

In July 2011, Tunik held a mass photo shoot called "Sleeping Beauties". Then 800 naked people fought with pillows in the early morning in front of the Belgian Gaasbek castle.

Volunteers pose nude at the Stadsschouwburg Theater during a photo shoot by Spencer Tunick in the city of Bruges in northern Belgium.

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