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    " " Photo of the day - Get up roofing material!

    Photo of the day-Get up roofing material!

    Why did you fall apart drunk?
    And you're lying on the floor unattended,
    It's me, your girl Tatiana,
    I have prepared a manda for the meeting.

    You come on, wake up right now,
    Raising your miracle balda,
    Nah, well, you're a man, but how,
    Or is there something I don't understand?

    Your girl is all boiled up,
    My pussy wants you so much,
    Everything got wet between the lips,
    And the pussy is so asking for fire.

    Listen get up ruberoid,
    I'm done messing around here,
    You're lying here like a dead android,
    It's time to rip me off..

    Oh I feel it won't be any use,
    Alone again this evening,
    And who will cool my pussy?
    I'll get the vibrator and finish myself...

    Author: Meganudist.

    Photo of the day-Get up roofing material!
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    1. Nudik
      30 August 2016 00:27
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