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" " The birth of nudism in America

The birth of nudism in America

We used to associate American nudism with the beaches of Woodstock, but this movement was born long before the first rock concerts were held. The founder of the movement was Kurt Bartel , a German immigrant who moved to the United States at the beginning of the last century. The first case of public nudity was recorded in 1929. After another couple of years, American nudists began to attract the attention of the world community.

From the Physical Education League to the "Nudity" tent camps"

The organization created by Bartel was called the League for Physical Education. And in 1931, Minister Ilsley Boone launched the Christian nudism movement, which became the first large-scale association of nudity lovers. An amazing fact - in the 30s, naked nudist Americans were ardent Christians!

In 1939, Boone reorganized the League for Physical Education (he had previously been its president) and formed the American Tanning Association. A number of strict rules were established, including a ban on drinking alcoholic beverages.

Gradually, the tent camps of nudists began to grow. For the first time such a place appeared in the vicinity of New York-this is the Mountain Lodge Club. In South Carolina, a Sea Island Refuge appeared - now it is the oldest nudist resort in the United States. Soon, the Western American coast was engulfed by an explosion of nudism and naturism. The phenomenon has acquired a spontaneous character. The Canadian club of "nudes" was formed in North Vancouver and is still active.

Almost our days

The Canadian history of nudism is inextricably linked with the overthrow of Boone, who, according to eyewitnesses, turned into a dictator. In the 60s, passions continued to boil. Boone has assembled the National Nudist Council.

In 1980, Lee Baeksandol proclaimed a Nudist Society that inherited the best traditions of the Free Beach Movement. In parallel, the Tanning Association continued to function, and in the 2000s, Christian nudist meetings began to be held.

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