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    " " Balearic Archipelago-A nudist paradise

    The Balearic Archipelago is a nudist Paradise

    The Balearic Islands are a favorite place located in Spain, near the shores of the Iberian Peninsula. The mild and warm climate, the radiant sun, beautiful landscapes and rich culture attract a lot of travelers. The capital of the archipelago is the city of Palma. Here is such an unusual name.

    The archipelago consists of several islands, but the most famous of them is the island of Majorca. It is built up with high hotels and hotels. The capital of the island is one of the most beautiful, tourist-attracting cities in Spain. You can only get to the island by ferry. There is a port on the island, where many ships with tourists arrive. On the edge of the island there is a beach with a clean, white sand. You can meet many famous people in the Balearics, since their homes are located on the island. If you decide to take a walk, remember that there is a traditional siesta on the island from 13 to 16 hours and no one works at this time. An exception may be some tourist tours. The island has a high standard of living compared to the rest of the regions of Spain. In general, you can call this place a paradise. to visit there and not try the local cooking is a big mistake. The beach season is open from May to November. During the tourist season, you can see jousting tournaments, as in the Middle Ages.

    The island of Menorca also belongs to the Balearic Islands. It has an island and its capital-Mahon. There are many monuments on its territory and hiking is carried out. The church of St. Mary is very well preserved, in which the organ sounds divinely. You can visit the Ciutadella. This is an ancient city with narrow streets from the Middle Ages, houses of aristocrats. The cathedral is the most beautiful building on the island. Even on the island there are preserved buildings of the Bronze Age. They were left here more than 3.5 thousand years ago. Behind the municipality of the city there is a beautiful view of the port.

    The next island in size is Ibiza. The place where the golden youth spends their holidays. It is about 42 km long and 21 km wide. All the cities of the island are located on the coast. When conducting a tour of the island, the archaeological museum will seem interesting. It contains exhibits from ancient times, including the famous Sas-Taulas Gate. You can go on a boat trip along the coast of Ibiza. An unusual impression will be left by a trip on a catamaran with a transparent bottom, while you can see the underwater world.

    Formentera is also an island of the Balearic Archipelago. You can get to it through the strait, which is 12 miles wide. It is the most quiet and cozy island. In addition to tourists who love peace and quiet, there are often nudists there. The inhabitants of the island are engaged in agriculture and servicing tourists who are attracted by the blue beaches. Floating on a boat, you can observe the aquatic inhabitants of the world and vegetation. There are also interesting residents on the island who build special houses, painting them blue. At the same time, the houses merge with the sky and the sea. Here you can be in unity with nature, relax your soul and body. Awaken the spirit of relaxation in yourself.