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" " You've finished playing cute-Photo of the day!

You've finished playing cute-Photo of the day!

Well, that's it, dear, you've finished playing with me,
I came home on all fours again,
How long have you been mocking me,
I'm tired of crying into my pillow alone.

Everything is over, your era of the tyrant,
A fast arctic fox has come to you,
Have you finished playing cute with your friends,
I'll give you the fucking end.

And then Vasya realized that he had arrived,
He looked piteously into the eyes of the dear,
- Honey, I cherished you so much,
Don't do that, wait...

A leg whistled and the eggs were flattened,
The sausage has turned completely blue,
And who needs you now, Vasya?
You've completely forgotten who a wife is...

Author: Meganudist.

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