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    Places of rest for nudists

    As a rule, nudists love warm countries, well, this is understandable because they go naked and it is rare to meet a person who walks naked in winter. But there are also such people as nudists, the so-called winter ones. But all this comes from the fact that you want to undress again and throw yourself into the river or the sea, and summer is still so far away. But the main thing is that nudists always strive for something new, to conquer countries and settle down all new beaches on our vast planet. But the most favorite place of nudists, of course, is the Canary Islands, where they feel like a fish in water. Although Corsica or Croatia is not so far away from them, where the beaches are stunning in their beauty, and the seas are clean of water. Run up and jump into the sea and every trickle of water will pierce your naked body and you will feel real pleasure from it. And then fall into the hot sand and watch what is happening on the beach. This is bliss and a complete buzz, so realize your dreams, drop everything and rush off to the sea in the summer, because remember what you can do today, maybe you will never be able to do later. Go ahead nudists, beware of the beaches and the clothed inhabitants of these places, we are coming to you!

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